• Wed 21 Mar

    • Trustee Meeting

      • Time 7:30pm
      • Venue St Luke’s Church - Upper Room
  • Thu 22 Mar

    • Men’s Coffee’n'Chat

      • Time 10:00am
      • Venue The Upper Room, St Luke’s Church
      Categories: Men Social
    • Women’s Fellowship

      • Time 2:00pm
      Categories: Women Social
    • Westminster Tea Party

      • Time 2:00pm
      • Venue 53 Westminster Crescent
      Category: Social
  • Sun 25 Mar

    • Holy Communion - Rev. Chris Stebbing/Fiona Stevens

      • Time 10:00am
      • Venue St Luke’s Church
      Categories: Communion Sundays
    • Prayer for Church & Community

      • Time 11:45am
      • Speakers Lillian Miller
      • Venue St Luke’s Church (in the Chapel)

      Please join us for an informal time of prayer for our church and its impact on the community.

      Category: Prayer
    • Oxygen Cafe Church

      • Time 6:30pm
      • Speakers Andrew Foulkes
      • Venue St Luke’s Church in the Lounge

      Oxygen - an informal and relaxed service in the Lounge. Come along and enjoy a cup of real coffee, tea, hot chocolate, cakes and cookies!

      Categories: Sundays Children Youth
  • Mon 26 Mar

    • Pause for More Thought & Coffee

      • Time 11:00am

      Come and enjoy a cup of tea or coffee, a short 5 minute talk followed by discussion in small groups.

      Categories: Men Women Social
  • Tue 27 Mar