Thought for the Week – Rev Tracey Morris

As you have probably worked out by now, I try to be as honest and open as I can when I share my thoughts. So, you won’t be surprised to hear that I am going to be very honest with you this week. Writing this Thought for the Week is a challenge, because, at the moment, my thoughts struggle to get beyond frustration and a general lack of motivation. You probably know by now that I spent a year in Victoria in Canada just before I started my curacy here at St Luke’s. This was on the whole a wonderful experience, but there were times of real struggle. One thing Victoria has an abundance of, which we don’t have here is hummingbirds. Have you ever seen a hummingbird? They are tiny, beautiful birds with thin long beaks. They can hover over a spot for a long length of time. They fly so fast that one second you see them and the next they seem to disappear. You can sometimes hear them coming as they hum like a bee. I’m not a great birdwatcher, I leave that to my husband. But these birds are something special. The indigenous people
of Canada see the hummingbird as a messenger of joy, love & hope. Some say that if you see a hummingbird during times of sorrow and pain then healing will soon follow. They are like messengers from heaven.
At the insistence of my husband, we bought a hummingbird feeder from the local store and attached it with suction cups to our kitchen window. I was a bit dubious about it at first, but sure enough, after a couple of weeks, a stunning little hummingbird appeared at our kitchen window, hovering
and drinking the nectar. The feeder had little plastic bars which the hummingbird could stand at if it felt the need for a rest. Most mornings, when I came down to open the shutters and pour my coffee, the hummingbirds would appear for their breakfast and then disappear. There were times when I would be sat in the garden, and they would fly over my head and land on the feeder. One morning I woke up feeling such a sadness. I came downstairs, poured my coffee, and opened the shutters, and
sure enough the hummingbird appeared. Only this time he stopped hovering and landed on the plastic bar. He’d probably done this a million times before, but I had got so used to seeing him that I hadn’t noticed as much. But that morning I noticed. He stopped on that feeder and he looked at me. He would drink his nectar, then stop and look again. Well, I began to realise that every time I felt sorrow or desperation, I would only have to look at the window and a hummingbird would appear. This tiny little bird became my symbol of hope. Each time life felt too hard, I was reminded
that I was not alone, that there was hope coming. There are times in life when it is really hard to see where God is in things. People can tell you there is hope. You know you should believe it, but it isn’t always that easy to believe. Blimey, you only have to look through the book of psalms to know that this has been true for thousands of years. But that hummingbird to me was where I could see God through the grey cloud. Every time I lost hope, there he was, reminding me that God was always there. Flying in to remind me, flying away again. Every so often he would stop and look at me again.
Such beauty and innocence. Such strength is a tiny little body. To be honest, my words can’t really do this justice. But I look back over that experience all the time. It reminds me that God isn’t just found in the pages of the Holy Bible. He isn’t just inside the church building waiting for us to come,
which is a good job at the moment! God is everywhere. He is in the beautiful sunshine when the snow melts and the temperature rises. He is in the beauty of nature. He is in the scientists creating miracle cures and vaccines. He is in the hearts of those people who put themselves in positions of risk so that we can have food, transport, post, medicines, education, and so much more. He’s in the beauty of the peak district, which we are so lucky to leave near. God is in each of us, in the sadness,
and in the laughter, the joy and the tears. Maybe during lent you can have a look around. You never know, He may just catch your eye.

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